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May 2015

Becoming A Consistent Runner


To make the most of your running, here are some of the tips followed by runners around the world. So, dream big, tackle new distances and achieve your personal best. To accomplish your running goals and keep your resolve strong, learn some of the habits and routines of successful runners. Avoid the mistakes that can cause progress to stall and keep your momentum rolling toward victory. Embrace the following advice and benefit from the knowledge of the experts. (more…)

Am I Too Old To Compete?


How old is too old to be a serious fitness swimmer or a competitive swimmer? Well, I don’t really know. What I do know is that at the age of 41, nine time 1984 Olympic medalist, Dara Torres, was still competing. Her fourth comeback after first retiring in 1982, after she broke a world record at the age of fourteen, was in pursuit of keeping her aging body fit. From the looks of her fabulous physique in a swimsuit, I would say she has been one hundred percent successful in achieving that goal.