Looking for Something?

Get Your Act Together


If you are ready to get your act together and accomplish some very important goals in your life, here are some pointers on how to get it done. Get some paper and pen, or, if you are technologically inclined, open up a new document and hunker down to the keyboard.

First off, consider everything you want to accomplish within your lifetime. Try to compartmentalize them first as short term or long term goals. As you do this you may see a vague time-line emerge in your mind. Begin to list your goals according to this timeline. What can be accomplished first, or, perhaps some goals are building blocks to later goals.

Once you have a list, you can begin working towards achieving them and checking them off your list. Don’t get discouraged. Different goals have different schedules. You may see progress in a day, a week, a year, or, for some long term goals, it may take five or ten years to see progress. Don’t get frustrated. Any progress is progress. Just keep at it.

You may have to prioritize certain categories of goals. What is most important to you? What will improve your quality of life? What will improve your health? What will improve the lives of your loved ones? These questions can help you determine what you are actually trying to achieve with your goals. The answers to these questions help to define the “big picture” of your life. With each life category, ask yourself:

• How far do I want to go in my career? Is that goal achievable?
• What are my financial goals? What are the benchmark stages I should expect to see progress?
• Are there education goals that can help me achieve my other goals? How will this affect the timeline of achieving my goals?
• How will achieving these goals affect my loved ones? Are the demands to achieve these goals realistic in allowing adequate time to nurture the relationship needs of my loved ones?
• Are there attitude adjustments that need to be made? Are there behaviors that are preventing success in achieving goals?
• Are there health goals that need to be achieved? Am I healthy enough to accomplish my goals?
• Are my demands upon myself to achieve these goals taking into consideration important time for myself? Have I included in my life plan adequate time for healthy pleasure?

The answers to some of these questions may result in trimming down the list or adding some very important things not previously considered. However, the end result will be the same. After a brainstorming session, a list of goals will emerge that can become a focal point for everyday life as well as a reference point for important life decisions.

To build self-confidence and begin to groom an achievement focused lifestyle, focus on smaller, short-term goals first. Work on goals that can be achieved in a week or a month. These are the types of goals that can be assisted with simple “To Do” lists that can be carried around in a wallet or pocket and glanced at throughout the day as a reminder and motivator.

As progress is made, sit down and have a review. Modify the list if changes need to be made. Remember, the list does not define your life. Your life defines the list. Do not become enslaved to it. Use it as a tool to create the life you dream of.

Read achievement oriented books and articles to help keep your mindset focused and on track. Often you can get inspiration from these works. Many goal-oriented people are positive thinkers. Who, then, wouldn’t be inspired and encouraged from reading this type of material?

As you achieve a goal, savor the moment. Enjoy the personal satisfaction of achievement. Pat yourself on the back. Celebrate. Relax. Then, feeling strengthened by this life moment, move forward to the next goal.

And what about failure? Don’t let it get you down. Failure is not really failure. It’s a learning experience. Move on. Reset the goal or focus on a different one. You can always come back to it at another time. Who knows, maybe you decide that was not such an important aspiration after all.

All in all, simply decide what you want to do with your life now, tomorrow, next year, and ten or twenty years from now. Cull the herd of ideas. Decide what’s really important and what isn’t. Get motivated and stay positive. Step by step, one achievement after another, that’s how you get there.