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Fast Food: Good or Bad?


I am becoming a very confused junk food junkie. On the one hand I hear how eating junk food verges on the criminal because of how it contributes to obesity. Yet, now there seems to be a new argument that touts junk food as the way to end obesity. What?

Oh, I get it, first we have to have a foodie revolution in places like McDonald’s and Burger King. Instead of pulling up at the drive thru and ordering a chocolate shake, consumers have to convince fast food executives what we really want is a healthy smoothie. I can see me now, “Oh dear! I’ve changed my mind. Please scratch that chocolate shake order. I just noticed a new item on the menu I’ve just got to have. I’ll take one large kale/banana/blueberry smoothie. Oh, and supersize it, will ya?”

Sounds crazy but that may just be the fast food trend of the future. Consider all the new popular individual healthy cafes that are popping up in trendy urban shopping areas. Catering to the tastes of vegetarians and vegans, these niche market eateries are making a killing. Health conscious mall shoppers are pulling up a chair, piling up the bags, and relaxing from the trudgery of malling to enjoy green juices and raw vegetables just like in the old days when taking a break at the mall meant a soda and a bag of chips.

Can something resembling what was left behind by hedge trimmers really give a place like Wendy’s some stiff competition? Well, apparently so. Wendy’s may be famous for the chocolate Frosty but health food bars can wipe that right off the good eats map with a delicious and healthy blueberry/pomegranate smoothie.

Fast food moguls have gone to loads of trouble and expense hiring the very best food scientists who have designed recipes guaranteed to addict even the casual consumer to such things as fat, sugar and salt. Is the knowledge of how unhealthy such food is and leads to obesity and obesity related illnesses enough to motivate people to stop eating such nastiness? Even the First Lady Michelle Obama wants to encourage all Americans to eat healthier.

She’s right, you know. Modern processed food may fill our stomachs and tickle certain pleasure centers, but in reality, they are making us sick. They are feeding us to death. If you stop and think about, processed food isn’t really even food. It is a food product. Next time you are at the grocery store, check out the cheese department. Pick up a package of real cheese. You will know it is real cheese when you look at the ingredients. It will say something as simple as milk, cream, rennet and salt. Then pick up a package of sliced cheese. You know what I’m talking about. The cheese with slices individually wrapped in plastic. It’s not cheese. It’s some kind of oil recipe morphed into a solid and colored yellow. It doesn’t even say on the package that it is real cheese. It says “pasteurized prepared cheese product”. In other words, it is make believe cheese. It’s imposter cheese. It’s incognito cheese.

Getting back to the basics of simple, real food is the first step to eating right. How long can anyone expect to stay healthy and strong if imitation food is what is fueling a human body? As people become more aware and educated about the truth of not only healthy food, but the truth of how processed food manufacturers are more like drug pushers than chefs, we may just witness a food revolution. We may be pulling up to a drive thru window of a place called McSprouts rather than McDonalds.