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November 2015

Training For My First Triathlon


I’ve been thinking about doing a triathlon. As I sit and ponder this idea, I have visions of runners who are exhausted and collapse at the finish line. I see their faces twisted in a grimace of agony. I picture cyclists disappearing over a hilltop into the sunset. Swimming brings to mind a floppy hat and ice cold glasses of lemonade waiting on a table by a lounger with my towel and sun block. I’m not sure I have the right frame of mind to compete in a triathlon. Regardless, I’m determined to try it. (more…)

What Is A Diverse Family?


I think now, more and more families are discovering their own diversity. What does it mean to be a diverse family? How common is it to be a diverse family? Diversity is not just about ethnic differences. Take a careful look at your spouse and children, your children’s spouses, your children’s children. How different are all of you? Here is a checklist. If three or more apply to you, face it, your family is diverse. (more…)