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December 2015

The Post-Run Spin


For all of you runners out there who suffer from post-run dizziness, there could be a fairly simple fix or it could be an indication of a more serious condition requiring a consultation with a physician. Not only is such dizziness annoying, but it can also be a frightening experience. Often it occurs suddenly which could pose a hazard. Feelings of spinning, phantom movement, or loss of balance are all symptomatic of a “dizzy spell” after running. (more…)

The End of Food


The doom and gloomers are predicting the era of food as we know it is over. It seems that in the future we will be eating bug burgers and drinking something like soylent green when it’s time to put on the old feedbag. I’m not feeling too good about the prospect of drinking something the consistency of Metamucil three times a day until the day I die. How will life be worth living if I can’t sink my teeth into a juicy tenderloin? (more…)