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Triathlon Gear For The Beginner


I’ve decided to participate in a triathlon. Everyone that knows me thinks I’m crazy but are still very supportive. I have received all sorts of advice and suggestions. They continue to come up in conversation, through phone calls, in e-mails and even gifts of gear and equipment. Magazines and books have been a few of those gifts and have proven quite useful. While reading the books and thumbing through the magazines, I have been keeping notes. I now have a list of some of the things that are the essential gear I need to have for my big race.

I need to be prepared for a swim, a bicycle ride and then a final run. I’m not made of money but, from the vast selection and competition among manufacturers, I should be able to get everything I need without going bankrupt.

The first thing that’s a no brainer, which I already have, is a bike. Since I’m competing for fun and not trying to qualify for the Olympics, the mountain bike sitting in my garage should do nicely. If I were a little more serious, I might go for a more sophisticated ten-speed, but, for now, what I’ve got is what I plan to use. Since I’m not buying a brand new bike for the race, I do plan to take it to my local bike shop for a tune up and safety check.

I will also need a race belt. It doesn’t have to be fancy since its main purpose is to hold my race number rather than make a fashion statement.

Body glide is also an essential element for things to go “smoother”. (Pardon the pun.) By using baby powder or a petroleum jelly product I should be able to avoid some nasty body chafing. After the swim my body will be all wet so the baby powder should come in handy. Petroleum jelly on my feet will help to prevent blisters.

For the run and the bike ride I don’t want to get caught with needing to stop and tie my shoe laces. Quick laces are an absolute must.

Sunglasses will help make my race experience a little bit more comfortable. I’ll skip the aviator style and keep with the sporty look. I’ll also remember to get a handy little elastic band so they don’t slip down my sweaty nose.

After the swim I need to think about my transition area for getting on the bike. It would be a good idea to have a towel in place with my shoes and socks. If I plan to wear different shoes for cycling and running, I will need to remember to pack them both the night before. This is also a great opportunity to toss back some hydration. I’ll want to also include a bottle of water at my bicycle transition area.

Important headgear, a helmet, is a requirement for the bike portion of the race. A visor or ball cap is not a requirement for running, but it may prove helpful for a bit of shade on a sunny day.

For my swim, I’ll arrive in my swim suit. If I want to spend a little extra money, I can also upgrade to a wet suit. Wearing a wet suit can help improve my swim time. However, I must remember to pack a pair of goggles and a swim cap.

Triathlon technology is also a must. I positively must not forget my timing chip. First thing in the morning I need to put it on my left ankle. Otherwise, all is for nought.

I’m sure there are all other sorts of gadgets and gear that will make my race faster and more comfortable. However, to start things off, I think I can make a go of it with these essentials.